How to connect Samsung TV with different devices - Chromecast, Smartphone and more

Monday 21, Mar, 2022
How to connect Samsung TV with different devices - Chromecast, Smartphone and more

What are the modern features of the Samsung Smart TV?

Standard modern features

The Samsung Smart TVs have several features that render a convenient and comfortable viewing experience. The Samsung Smart TVs come with a variety of display technologies like Ultra High-Definition (UHD) or Quantum LED (QLED) technology and different resolutions, i.e. 8K and 4K resolution. These aspects ensure crisp and sharp images. Next up is Anti-Glare technology. It offers an extra layer of comfort by reducing the strain on the eyes. Of course, smart television with these features will cost a little extra. But, it will pay off through extended duration and lesser irritation on the eyes. It is especially worthwhile for those battling vision issues.


Taking it to the next level

Samsung Smart TVs are available at different price points. The Samsung Smart TVs standing at the upper end like QN800A and QN900A come with added features. For instance, SpaceFit Sound and the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA). The former emits sound based on the installation environment, such as the wall or table. The latter is a newly-added real-time noise intelligence feature. Some televisions also have the Certified AMD FreeSync Premium Pro core technology for reduced stuttering and screen tearing.

Another advanced feature is the Motion Xcelerator. It automatically estimates and compensates the frames as per the source contents. The Object Tracking Sound (OTS) is yet another one! It renders realistic 3D sound. The Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ and a Super Ultrawide Gameview and Game Bar appeal to gamers.


How easily can you connect the Samsung TV with different devices


The Chromecast feature is embedded in the newer Samsung smart TVs like the AUE70. However, if you are using an older model, here’s what you should do. First, plug in the Chromecast to a power source and HDMI slot. When plugging, insert the micro-USB cable into the Chromecast and connect the charging block to an outlet. Note that the Chromecast will come with an HDMI cable, which you can plug directly into your television. Once done, download the Google Home app and follow instructions. Also, you must ensure that the mobile device and Chromecast are operating on the same Wi-Fi network.


For those Smart TVs that come with a Chromecast, you need to first download the SmartThings app. This allows you to control and connect all the Samsung-compatible devices. Next, enable screen sharing by selecting the display you intend to mirror. Next, ensure that the mobile device and TV are on the same network. Finally, add your Samsung TV to the SmartThings app.

Through the Chromecast capabilities, you can also provide voice commands by integrating devices like Google Home within your home network.


Smart Phone

Connecting the Samsung Smart TV to your smartphone is an easy feat. All you need is to download and open the SmartThings app on your mobile handset. Once opened, the network and Samsung account information get automatically shared on the television. Post that, you can select and add the “applications of interest” to the Smart Hub.

Today, you can connect your Samsung TVs with your smartphone with just a tap with the +Tap View feature on the SmartThings app. This +Tap View, in essence, is a screen sharing feature. First, get your smartphone close to the television. Next, give your phone a little tap. And both these devices are connected. Using this, you can now view and access your smartphone screen on the larger screen of the TV. Whether enlarging an excel worksheet or scrolling photos and videos, Samsung Smart TVs have got you covered.


Sound Bars

The soundbars are an excellent way of amping up the sound quality emitted from the smart TV. The possible ways that you can connect the television to soundbars is by using an HDMI cable, Optical cable, AUX cable or Bluetooth. For HDMI, make sure that your Smart TV has an HDMI port. For Bluetooth, you will need to establish whether your TV is Bluetooth-enabled. If it is not, you can opt for the old-school AUX cable.


Home Theatres

Connecting your Samsung Smart TV to your home theatre requires that you inspect certain aspects. First, establish whether the TV has an HDMI-ARC port. Look for the ARC label at the back of your TV. If there is no ARC label, you can connect your Samsung TV using a digital optical connection or an RCA connection. The former involves fibre optics (light) for transferring the audio data. In the latter, your smart TV connects to the analogue stereo outputs of your Smart TV. Bluetooth, a wireless feature, can only be used if your home theatre system is enabled.



With Samsung Smart TVs, you can easily connect your entire home, creating a space that allows seamless viewing from one device to another. To make sure you don’t have to keep waiting for this, Jacky’s Brand Shop offers Free delivery and Free installation* on TVs 65-inch and above. What’s more, we also have a 7-day return policy for you to gauge if the product is functional and work out its mechanics.

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