Jacky's 50th Anniversary - A Celebration of Growth

Monday 05, Oct, 2020
Jacky's 50th Anniversary - A Celebration of Growth

As an electronics company, Jacky’s has been a well-known name in UAE for the past three decades. As the original big electronics retailer in UAE, Jacky’s has maintained its quality of product offering and customer service over these three decades. Though, Jacky’s Group has been around for 50 years and originally started as a mail order electronics supplier in Hong Kong. The Late Mr. Ishwardas Panjabi and his younger brother, Mr. Jacky Panjabi, started the Jacky’s Group in 1970 which grew to be the multinational Jacky’s Group of Companies of today, spanning across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and the Far East.

Jacky’s UAE became a household name with its flagship business, Jacky’s Electronics. Winning over the hearts of South Asian families living in the UAE and the growing inflow of international tourists looking to purchase Televisions, Mobile Phones, Speaker Systems and other consumer electronics to take back home. Pretty soon Jacky’s Electronics became the go to shop for people to browse through multiple brands like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc. and pick their choice of electronics.  

 Following the enormous success of Jacky’s Electronics, Jacky’s Retail was born out of a partnership with Samsung Gulf. Jacky’s Retail is the largest operator of Samsung Brand Shops across the UAE. Uniquely positioned in major malls across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, Jacky’s Retail has the best performing Samsung Brand Shop worldwide.

Alongside the success of the brick and mortar Samsung Brand Shops, Jacky’s Retail also started JackysBrandShop.com as an online store for selling Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Sony and other branded products. JackysBrandShop.com offers Free Shipping and the most aggressive offers of any of the power retailers in UAE. Jacky's Retail celebrated Jacky's 50th Anniversary with Up To 50% Off on Premium Samsung Products.

Jacky’s also provides unique electronic solutions to corporations and businesses via the Jacky’s Business Solutions division. This division has a sleuth of electronic solutions that are used in companies across the UAE like the Pepper Robot - Visitor Management System that is in use even by government entities like Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

In the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, schools and institutions have emphasized online learning. To facilitate this Digital Transformation, Jacky’s is providing solutions for educational institutions with Jacky’s Digital EDU. Jacky’s Digital EDU was born out of the partnership between Jacky’s Retail and Microsoft. Jacky’s Digital EDU enables Digital Transformation by providing schools with education appropriate electronic products from Microsoft and Apple along with Software, Warranties, Damage Protection and After Sales Services.

With Fifty Years under its belt, Jacky’s is still diversifying to this day through new ventures into the food products category with Jacky’s Organics. Jacky’s Organics follows the Jacky’s promise of quality products and quality service in the food products segment. Jacky’s Organics and its associated brands like Pure & Sure are already available in retail chains like Choithrams, Bio Organic, Al Madina, Al Adil, and Regal Plus along with Online sales on JackysBrandShop.com and Noon.com.

Even after celebrating its Golden Jubilee, Jacky’s Group is still showing no signs of slowing down and is expanding day-by-day in diverse sectors. Jacky’s is changing with the ever shifting customer wants while not compromising on the customer needs, i.e. authentic products and dependable service.