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Best Mobile accessories available at Jacky's Brand Shop

Your Samsung devices are at the top of the line, and enhancing them further might seem like a long shot. But Samsung mobile accessories Dubai can help you achieve that goal at affordable prices. So here are some of the best mobile accessories available at Jacky's Brand Shop.

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Leather Cover: Does your phone slip out of your hand, giving you a slight scare? Why take such chances, especially when you can protect your device with a trendy Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Leather Cover? These Samsung Galaxy covers are optimally designed to keep your Samsung device stylish and safe simultaneously.           


  • Samsung Galaxy Protection For Galaxy Z Fold 4: Keep your Galaxy Z Fold4's screen protected at all times with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 protection film from Jacky's Brand Shop. These transparent dual-protection film accessories online UAE are designed to retain the fresh appeal of your smartphone.


  • Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Silicone Cover With Ring: Available in different colours, these Samsung Galaxy covers have it all. The unique ring attached to these accessories ensure a more secure hold on your device while giving you something compact and trendy.                 

Latest Mobile Covers available at Jacky's Brand Shop in UAE

Jacky's Brand Shop has some of the finest mobile covers and mobile accessories Dubai. Some of the latest mobile covers that we have to offer include:


  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Clear view Purple: Need a stylish and trendy mobile cover for your Samsung Galaxy S22? Look no further because Jacky's Brand Shop has the finest clear view purple cover. These Samsung Galaxy covers come with a distinct shade of purple to ensure you get aesthetics with practicality. 


  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Silicone Cover: Are you tired of extravagant Samsung Galaxy covers? Get yourself a simple yet sturdy silicone cover for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. These come in different colours, allowing you to choose from a variety of options.    


Useful Tablet & Television accessories must have for safety purposes

Tablets and televisions are not something you buy every day. Hence, you must have the right tablet and TV accessories online to protect these things. So here are some tablet and TV accessories you must have.


  • Keyboard Covers For Tablets: Keyboard covers for your tablets are some of the most important accessories for tablets you ought to have. So make sure to check out these accessories at Jacky's Brand Shop and keep your tabs protected.


  • Universal TV Wall Bracket: How do you ensure your TV does not suddenly fall off the wall? Simple! Get yourself a sturdy universal TV wall bracket from Jacky's Brand Shop, and keep your TV safe with the right TV accessories.    

Different types of accessories for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches

Jacky's Brand Shop has some of the best accessories online UAE for your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. Some of these Samsung accessories UAE include:



  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Keyboard Cover: Worried about damaging your tab's keyboard? You need not worry when you can get yourself the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 keyboard cover accessories for tablets from Jacky's brand shop. 


  • Samsung Strap: The strap of your smartwatch plays an imperative role in enhancing the device's overall aesthetics. So why compromise with your worn-out smartwatch straps when you can get a new one from Jacky's Brand Shop accessories Dubai online?


What accessories can I get for my phone?

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover for your phone.

What is the price of a Samsung Galaxy cover?

The prices of Samsung Galaxy covers may vary based on your phone and the type of cover you choose.  They range from AED 64 to AED 300.

What accessories does a TV need?

A TV needs a sturdy universal TV wall bracket to ensure safety.  

Which are the best mobile accessories?

Samsung Galaxy covers are the best mobile accessories.

How long do you take for delivering Samsung Galaxy cases?

Generally, we can deliver your Samsung Galaxy cover in 1-4 business days tops.

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy Flip cover in UAE?

The prices of Samsung Galaxy Flip cover in UAE can vary based on the type of cover you choose. 




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