EF-PF721T by Samsung

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AED 149.00

Ring grip for a tighter hold

With the Silicone Cover with Ring, you can handle your device safely and comfortably at all times by sliding your finger into the ring for an assisted firm grip.

A woman is holding books on one hand, while comfortably holding her Galaxy Z Flip4 device by the ring of her Arctic Blue Silicone Cover with Ring.
Backside Ring, Color Selection, Recycled Materials

Stylish, soft and secure

Instantly upgrade your Galaxy Z Flip4's feel with the smooth, matte finish of the silicone cover which gives your device a polished surface that looks as good as it handles.

A woman is holding a peach bag as well as her Galaxy Z Flip4 device on the same hand using the ring on her device's Arctic Blue Silicone Cover with Ring. Next, a Galaxy Z Flip4 device in a Silicone Cover with Ring is hanging down from a finger with the ring slipped on. Finally, a Navy Silicone Cover with Ring is shown next to a Galaxy Z Flip4 device.

Liven up with vibrant colors

Available in various fashionable colorways, the Silicone Cover with Ring helps protect your device in sleek fashion.

Five Galaxy Z Flip4 devices in each of the Silicone Cover with Ring colorways are shown: Khaki, Arctic Blue, Lavender, Pink and Navy. The device in the Lavender colored case is flipped open and faced down while all other devices are closed.

* Availability of product color may vary by country

Going Green

Simply doing our share. All Galaxy Z Flip4 cases are now applied with UL-certified recycled or bio materials that renew consumer waste into meaningful value by minimizing emissions, maximizing efficiency and conserving our precious resources.

A Galaxy Z Flip4 device in a Pink Silicone Cover with Ring is seen from the front, surrounded in dark green leaves. On both sides of the device are recyclable materials and a Recycled UL Certification ""PLASTIC OF SILICONE COVER WITH RING (EF-PF721) CONTAINS A MINIMUM OF 15%" POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED CONTENT"" sign.


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