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    • 1080 x 2340 (FHD+), Super AMOLED, 6.5" | 164.2mm
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    • 6.7" FHD+ (2640X1080), Dynamic AMOLED 2X
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    • 7.6" QXGA+(2176 x 1812), Dynamic AMOLED 2X
    • Folded : 6.2” HD+ Dynamic sAMOLED 2X  , Unfolded : 7.6" QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X
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Galaxy Z Fold5 12GB 1 TB Phantom Black 5G

AED 8149.00
With Bundle

    Save AED 300
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    Galaxy Z Flip5 8GB 512GB Cream 5G

    AED 4349.00

    AED 4049.00
    With Bundle


      Advantages of Galaxy Foldable Smartphones available at Jacky's Brand Shop in UAE

      Samsung foldable phones available at Jacky's Brand Shop are becoming very popular among all demographics. The primary reason behind this growing popularity is the fantastic advantages that come with these latest Samsung smartphones. So let's check out some of these pros.

      Multiple Angles For a Hands-Free Experience

      The unique hinge system of the Samsung foldable phone is ideally designed to help you enjoy an unmatched hands-free experience. These phones can do much more than just stand up on their own. This makes it much easier and more convenient to click selfies, video chat, and even take timed group shots.        

      Unmatched Mobile Gaming Experience

      Using a Galaxy Z foldable smartphone for gaming helps you enjoy an unmatched gaming experience thanks to the portable design of the phone. This design opens up, revealing a sensational large screen display for a better experience. Besides that, you can even connect your Samsung Galaxy Z smartphones with Xbox for a superior gaming experience.  

      Multitasking Becomes Much Easier

      The Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 in Dubai is ideally designed to help you multitask like a pro. The multi-active window feature of these [phones gives you more room to use multiple apps simultaneously. You can do everything from responding to emails to making vlogs helping you benefit from better efficiency.

      Seamless Connection

      You never need to miss a message, call or reminder because even when the Galaxy Z foldable phones are closed, you'll receive real-time notifications. In addition, you can then respond to the front sub-display, further ensuring people never miss your response.

      Latest Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 Features and Specifications

      All the latest Samsung Galaxy phones come with different features and functionalities to make your life more convenient. Some of the best features these phones have to offer include:

      • Flex Mode: Innovative Flex mode makes the Galaxy Z series stand out from the rest of the phones. The incredible flexible glass display remains propped open without having to hold it. Once positioned, apps automatically reorient to fit the dual screens best, so you have the view on top and the controls on the bottom, just like a mini laptop.

      • Samsung Dex: One of the distinct features of Samsung is the Samsung Dex functionality. This distinctive offering allows you to connect your phone to monitors, wireless keyboards, and a mouse. Hence you can enjoy unmatched convenience with better multitasking capability for more efficiency.      

      • 50MP Main Camera: Are you struggling to get an Insta Worthy picture? No issue! Leverage the Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable phone and use its 50 MP primary camera to click stellar selfies. This camera offers unmatched resolution to ensure you get nothing short of the best.

      • IPX8-rated Water Resistance: Everyone can sometimes be clumsy with their phones. But this will not be an issue with the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone thanks to the IPX8-rated water resistance. IPX8 is based on testing conditions where the device is submerged in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

      • Samsung Care+:  Even with the latest Z Series devices being the sturdiest foldables from Samsung, get your device covered for accidental damage with Samsung Care+, and forget your fears of a damaged foldable with high repair costs. To avail your Samsung Care+ on an accidentally damaged Samsung Foldable, please take your device to any of the Samsung Authorised Service Centers.

      Accessories for Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 Smartphones are available at Jacky's Brand Shop

      Jacky's Brand Shop offers a wide range of accessories for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphones. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Fold4 Leather Cover, Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Flap Leather Cover, Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Front Protection Film, Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 Silicone Cover With Ring, Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Standing Cover With Pen, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Slim Standing Cover Stand, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Silicone Grip Cover, and much more.       

      Jacky's Brand Shop Galaxy Z Smartphones Offers

      Jacky's Brand Shop has some of the most amazing offers on its collection of Samsung Galaxy Z series smartphones. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 12GB 1TB Phantom Black 5G is available for a price of just AED 7349. Besides that, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 8GB 512GB Blue 5G is available for a price of AED 3599. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 8GB 256GB Blue 5G is available for a price of AED 3199, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 12GB 512GB Phantom Black 5G for AED 5849,        


      1. What are the main advantages proposed by the Galaxy Z Fold4?

      A - The primary advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Fold4 phones include multiple angles for a hands-free experience, seamless connectivity, unmatched gaming experience, and convenient multitasking.

      2. Is the Galaxy Z Flip 4 worth it?

      A - Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 phone is worth every dime you spend.

      3. Does the Galaxy Z Flip screen break easily?

      A - No, the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is highly durable and thoroughly tested to ensure a better display. 

      4. What's the difference between Z fold and Z flip?

      A - Besides the difference in features, the primary difference between Z fold and Z flip is the design of both these smartphones.

      5. What is special about the Samsung Z flip?

      A - The most remarkable quality of the Samsung Z Flip smartphone is its unique design and unmatched functionality of the phone.

      6. What is the price of the Samsung Z Fold 4 in Dubai?

      A - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 12GB 1TB Phantom Black 5G is available for a price of just AED 7349, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 12GB 512GB Phantom Black 5G for AED 5849 at the Jacky's Brand Shop in Dubai.

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