Samsung washer dryer

The Future Has Arrived with Samsung's Washer Dryer Combos

The concept of a Washer Dryer combo is not new, but Samsung's approach is. Blending the efficiency of separate front-loading units with the space-saving advantages of a single appliance, Samsung's range of Washer Dryer combos is designed to make a splash in your laundry room.

DV17B9750CV/GU - The Epitome of Efficient Drying

This model boasts a Hybrid Heat Pump, which re-uses the air in the drying cycle, ensuring energy consumption is minimized. With AI Dry technology, it automatically adjusts the drying time and temperature for optimal results. The 17kg capacity means fewer loads, saving both time and energy. Bespoke design options allow you to match your appliance to your kitchen's aesthetic.

WD11BB904DGHGU - Seamlessly Intelligent

At 11.5kg, this washer dryer combo is no slouch, offering AI Ecobubble™ technology that ensures superior cleaning with less energy. The quick drive feature reduces wash times without compromising on quality. And the seamlessly intelligent interface adapts to your usage patterns.

Top-Loading Excellence with the WA10CG5745BVGU

While front-loading washers have gained popularity, Samsung sets out to list the benefits of the classic top-loading design, reimagined with modern features.

Smart Gentle Washing, Less Time, More Savings

The WA10CG5745BVGU is a 10kg top loader that features Ecobubble™ and Digital Inverter Technology, promising to wash clothes efficiently and fast. Expect a powerful wash, which also means water and energy savings over the appliance's long lifecycle.

The Durability and Efficiency of Samsung's Dryer Range

Complementing Samsung's innovative washers are their dryers, engineered to provide the ultimate in drying performance, energy efficiency, and convenience.

DV90BB9440GBGU - Dry for Less, Front Black Magic

With a colossal 9 kg capacity, this sleek black dryer stands out with an A+++ Energy Efficiency rating, the AI Dry feature that fine-tunes the drying process, and a design that's as resilient as it is refined.

BESPOKE Laundry Stacking Kit - Bespoke All the Way

Functionality meets style with this stackable laundry accessory. Designed to match the Bespoke washer and dryer models, this kit ensures a seamless look while maximizing floor space. A smart choice for compact living spaces.

WD18B6400KV/GU - The King of Capacity

Stepping up the game with an 18.5kg washing capacity and Bespoke design options, this washer-dryer combo is the essence of Samsung's commitment to laundry customization. AI Ecobubble™ technology and an AI Wash feature that adapts water usage based on load maximize efficiency.

WF20B9600KV/GU - The Monolithic Marvel

Here's a colossal 20kg washer that brings the future into your laundry room. AI Ecobubble™, AI Wash, and Auto Dispense features eliminate guesswork, while the Quick Drive technology shaves off precious minutes from your laundry routine.

WW80TA046AE/GU - The Compact Powerhouse

If space is a premium, this compact 8kg front loading washer offers Hygiene Steam and Digital Inverter Technology for a thorough clean and gentle fabric care.

WW80TA046AX/GU - The Platinum Performer

Aesthetic meets functional excellence with the platinum silver variant of the same compact front loader, designed to blend in with modern interior themes while delivering top-tier washing performance.

DV80T5220AX - The Dapper Dryer

This 8kg front load dryer features Heat Pump Technology for efficient and gentle drying. The reversible door and Intelligent Drying function make it adaptable to various home setups and laundry needs.

 Samsung Washers and Dryers - The Smart Choice

Samsung's laundry appliances are not just about being technologically advanced; they are about creating a more seamless, efficient, and enjoyable laundry experience. The line-up is extensive, catering to a variety of needs and preferences, yet unified by Samsung's signature craftsmanship and quality. If you're in the market for new laundry equipment, consider choosing Samsung – the brand that promises to bring tomorrow's laundry technology to your home today.