Choosing the best TV for your home

Are you looking for the best TV that looks great with the decor or maybe just for gaming? Do you know what type of picture quality you should be looking for in your new set?

If you are reading this article, you’ve come to the right place! We will help you find the perfect TV.

The best TV isn’t necessarily the most expensive or the most complicated to set up; it’s more about knowing what characteristics matter most to you. There are plenty of models with minimal features and low prices that will satisfy almost everyone’s needs. Instead, if you want something that offers optimal image quality and True HDR performance, then getting a Samsung is a must-have.


Screen Size
Do you know what size TV to buy? It’s the most crucial thing that most people don’t think about. The right size TV can make the room look bigger, the viewing experience more enjoyable, and can even act as an art piece. But what is the right size TV? Let’s see a few of the different sizes and their benefits.

All TVs have a recommended distance and angle that you should consider before your final purchase. The most immersive viewing experience is attained when the screen takes 40 degrees of your field of view. Simply knowing the size of your TV will allow you to determine this field of vision distance. The screen size must be multiplied by 1.2 to obtain this ideal distance. Consequently, viewing a 75-inch TV requires standing 90 inches, or 2.3 meters, away. To choose the optimal TV size for your room, glance at the accompanying chart to learn the suggested viewing distances for various TV sizes.

●       55’’ should have 1.7m (5.5 ft) of viewing distance

●       65’’ should have 2.0m (6.5 ft) of viewing distance

●       75’’ should have 2.3m (7.5 ft) of viewing distance

●       85’’ should have 2.6m (8.5 ft) of viewing distance


The bigger is not always better. Consider your living room or bedroom where you wish to place your TV. If the space is nice and cosy, get yourself a 32-55 inch size, for example - 55” Q60B QLED 4K Smart TV 2022. TV above 55 inches looks great in huge living rooms. You can probably go for 98” QN90A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV 2021.



The display is a huge part of your home cinema experience. The best TVs deliver razor-sharp images, dynamic range, colour reproduction, and viewing angles without being too expensive or difficult to set up.

Light emitting diodes or LED displays illuminate an LCD panel with LEDs. Many LED TVs utilize VA panels, which are frequently bright and have narrow viewing angles with high contrast ratios. The most cost-effective TVs are LED models, which come in a huge variety of sizes.

QLEDs, on the other hand, are a step ahead of LEDs. They use a quantum dot layer that filters the light between the LCD layer and the backlight to provide more vivid, saturated colours. QLED is the option for those seeking the greatest colours on the market.

The brightness of every pixel can be changed independently on OLED TVs. This enables them to entirely turn them off and display only black. They boast broad viewing angles and great picture quality as a result. If you have the budget bandwidth, then you should surely go for it.

Samsung’s entry-level LCD LED TVs are Crystal UHD. All of them feature 4K resolution and offer HDR (high dynamic range), which promises greater colour, but keep in mind that inexpensive televisions frequently lack the brightness necessary to fully utilize HDR. Neo QLED TVs use Mini-LED backlighting, but they are still QLED like the conventional quantum dot models mentioned above. A lot more LEDs can be placed beneath the screen because they are much smaller than usual. More precise lighting control, divided into many more dimming zones, enhances contrast while minimizing undesirable effects like blooming.


Smart TV Features
You may access a variety of apps, including Netflix, Apple TV, Shahid VIP, Prime Video, OSN, Amazon Prime, and many more, through the Smart Hub. Samsung Smart TV’s Remote Access and Office 365 connect to the PC wirelessly, letting you work from home hassle-free. You can even connect your phone and Samsung Smart TV with the SmartThings app.


Various TV styles can instantly elevate your decor. Samsung TVs now work as a seamless extension of your home or office aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance with their sleek and smart designs. The structure is appealing even when the device is turned off.

For instance, The Serif is an unusual TV that looks like a canvas with a stand. It has a QLED technology in a 4K resolution and has a Matte Display like The Frame. Likewise, the Samsung Neo-QLED is amazing for those looking for a premium experience.

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