Embracing interconnectedness with Smart Things

Smart gadgets are interactive, intelligent and full of convenience. At the core, they connect to other devices or networks via wireless protocols such as WiFi and Bluetooth. These range from tracking devices to wearables to home appliances. Smart gadgets have sensors, processing power, a communication interface, a power source and memory.

Why Smart?
They are 'smart' because they have transformed how we live, communicate and work.


Energy Conservation
These devices are automated! Say you forget to switch off the lights or the thermostat. Smart technology comes to the rescue through automated regulation. Also, heating and cooling equipment get monitored.


Hierarchy of convenience
Smart gadgets help accomplish several tasks in just a few clicks. The best part? Without the need to leave your seat. The more advanced systems can even 'sense' the users' preferences.


Security moves up the ranks
Smart gadgets help prevent intrusions and warn homeowners of potential threats. Some appliances even notify owners via text or phone. In this way, one invariably is in close quarters to their homes, even remotely.


Here are some Smart Gadgets:
Smart TV
Smart TVs have internet connectivity, function through an operating system, and have an app service. They provide VOD (Video-on-Demand) services such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and even music streaming services such as Spotify. More so, they even offer several games and sports content.


Another standout feature is efficient and easy search, which helps enhance the overall user experience. Lastly, Smart TVs render easy connectivity with other devices such as smartphones and tabloids.


One such product is the 50" BU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV.


Smart Projectors
With smart projectors, you can enjoy a theatre-like ambience from the comforts of their homes. These projectors render sought-after flexibility. You are free to move and put the screen wherever you like. The powerful, 360-degree built-in speakers offer impeccable sound quality. The gadget is portable, powerful, compact and yet simple.


Playing second fiddle to comfort viewing is scalability. One can scale down the size and move it in different directions.


A product of note in the smart projector category is the 100" Freestyle Projector.


Air Conditioner
Smart air conditioners are embedded with a WiFi function, enabling remote functionality. The smart inverter comes to the rescue of homeowners by maintaining an ideal temperature. Smart air conditioners also comprise a diagnostic system that bids good riddance to most contaminants. The HD filter helps keep the space fresh and clean.


Some other features are 24-hour time, auto restart, auto wind, auto mode and dehumidification, adding to the comfort zone.


Those keen on getting a smart air conditioner can look at the AR18TVFZEWK Digital Inverter Wall-mount AC with Auto Clean, 1.5 Ton Free Installation.


Smart Refrigerator
Smart Refrigerators offer flexible storage with a touchscreen interface. This feature enables users to coordinate schedules for family members, create grocery lists and expiration dates and get notifications regarding the same. It connects to the internet via WiFi. Some also offer internal cameras for more personalised control. With some models, you can select the temperature and amount of water that needs heating.


Those looking to upgrade their refrigerators can look at the RZ32M72407F Upright Freezer with convertible mode, 315L.


Intelligent Washing Machine
These washing machines comprise an easy-to-use control panel. Plus, the washing machines keep track of the preferred washing cycles. Some ancillary features are remote control via an app and automatic program selection. Another valuable aspect is multiple speed options to cater to urgencies.


Intelligent Washing Machines render anytime control through WiFi. Some models also provide laundry planning and troubleshooting options.


For a smart machine, you can look at the Top Loading Washer Dryer Combo with AI Control 10 kg + 7 Kg with Digital Inverter and Eco Bubble Technology.


Air Purifier
Smart Air Purifiers have a laser sensor that detects contaminants, including dust, dirt and gas. Some models also have a numeric display with multiple colours to indicate air quality.


Air purifiers also have airflow control mechanisms and provisions for monitoring filter health. Most models today have silent operation, which can get executed through sleep mode. Lastly, air purifiers have a child lock system to prevent accidental changes in settings or improper usage.


Those keen on getting one can look at AX60T5080WD/SG Air Purifier with 3 Way Air Flow 2021.


The parting words

In inciting the gamut of Smart Homes, the interconnectedness now extends to home robotisation. These developments have forayed into interest toward tech-savvy appliances. For instance, doorbells can get connected to the refrigerator. Any discrepancy in the sensors can be displayed on the Smart TV. Yet another is where homeowners can babysit their little toddlers using cameras.


The newly-renovated shop at Deira City Centre marks the blueprint of the future. The new store will feature a SmartThings section that will demonstrate the functionalities of Samsung devices. Visitors and shoppers shall get a peek into how they conspire to deliver a 'Connected Home'. The other segments shall showcase specific products, including Smart Projectors, Televisions and others.


Those interested in getting their hands on Samsung Smart devices can do so from the Jacky's Brand Shop via Jacky's Retail LLC, an authorised partner for Samsung products in the UAE.