Where to get the Samsung Bespoke?

 Why is it called bespoke?

Samsung Bespoke is a lifestyle feature wherein customers can design the refrigerators as per their needs and preferences. The fridges leverage cutting-edge technology that makes users’ lives easier and better. The Samsung Bespoke has a Glam glass finish that enlivens your kitchen area into a unique and stylish area.


Creating Smart things

The purpose of Samsung Bespoke is to transform your home into a personalised space. The crux is its modular and customisable design, coupled with a slew of stylish materials, colours and patterns that complement your kitchen. It adds a bit of tech to your daily lifestyle, enabling users to enjoy a more flexible style.

The combination and configuration allow users to customise the Samsung refrigerators to suit their lifestyles. Here, customers can choose the product types, colours and materials that best match their unique tastes and requirements. For instance, one can start with a basic, single unit and later add a new Bespoke module. Given this sophisticated configuration, users need not replace the fridge already in their possession. The added Bespoke module helps effectively extend the life cycle of the appliance.


Here are the Samsung Bespoke models

Below are the Bespoke models with customisable colour panels:

4-Door Flex Refrigerator 820 Litres
1.85m Fridge Freezer 350 Litres
1.85m One Door Fridge with 380 Litres
1.85m One Door Freezer with 315 Litres

Features of Samsung Bespoke

The Bespoke refrigerators are advanced and sophisticated. They can get connected to smartphones and other smart devices. This aspect enables users to access the fridge’s features from anywhere, at any time. That is, it allows for remote accessibility. What’s more, one gets to control the temperature and humidity of the refrigerators using the devices.

Bespoke refrigerators come with several standout features. The autofill water pitcher allows users to add flavour to their plain water. These flavourings can comprise either fruit infusions or brewed cold iced tea in the fridge. Note that the autofill water pitcher is not dishwasher-safe.

Another aspect is the built-in Ice Maker. What’s unique about this is it produces two different types of ice. Note that one ice maker creates large cubed ice, and the other small ice bites. Each ice maker comes with an independent, convenient ice tray. This allows you to grab cubed ice or ice bites quickly and conveniently. Also, one can turn both the ice makers simultaneously to always have the ideal amount for the beverages. The ice makers are compact and slim, thus creating more space for food storage.

That’s not all! The Bespoke range also renders triple cooling + precise cooling + metal cooling. That is three intricate layers. These help keep the food items fresh for an extended period. In doing so, they preserve the food flavours and taste and texture.

Another quality of these refrigerators is flexible storage space. Here, various food items and delicacies are kept fresh and tasty. The best part? They get preserved in optimal conditions.


Your IoT Home Platform

Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all! The new generation of consumers seek appliances that venture beyond functionality. The current era is of customer dominance, wherein personalisation and experience matter the most.

Samsung acknowledges that each customer is unique. In that, no two homes are the same. Hence, flexibility shall become a primary value on offer. Today, consumers desire solutions enabling them to monitor and manage their living spaces with the utmost convenience. This is where Samsung Bespoke becomes the perfect solution. The refrigerators are IoT-integrated that render holistic experiences through advanced services. The Bespoke fridges comprise an AI Control feature often seen in the Samsung’s Washers and Dryers. These appliances operate on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that remember user preferences. Accordingly, the model displays the frequently-used cycles first. This aspect renders a personalised touch and mitigates the need to scroll through several menus each time.

Where to get the Samsung Bespoke?

Those interested in buying the Bespoke Samsung refrigerators can do so from a Samsung authorised partner. Jacky’s Brand Shop operates and manages Samsung Brand stores in the UAE. Customers can book their products online and have them delivered to their preferred location with Free Shipping. Plus, customers can avail of after-sales services through our service centres. What makes the Brand Shops so unique is the presence of several experience zones. These enable you to touch, feel and interact with the latest Samsung products.

Find our Samsung Brand Shops at the Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman Center, Deira City Center, Khalidiya Mall and City Centre Al Zahia. Click here for the latest prices of the Samsung BeSpoke.