Best Buying Options for Samsung the Freestyle Projector

Samsung, the freestyle projector, is here to redefine entertainment. Its 180-degree design renders the free reign and flexibility to point, play the content. The best part? You get to enjoy the big screen experience anytime and anywhere.

The projector optimises the screen size, auto-focuses and levels the image, irrespective of the angle. When it comes to the Samsung Freestyle Projector specs, it is comparable with televisions or monitors that range between 30 to 100 inches. The resolution offered is about 1920 x 1080 pixels. Plus, the projector renders a High-Dynamic Range with the HDR10 version. The contrast is 100,000: 1. But this can be adjusted using the contrast enhancer.

What’s more, the sound output is 5W which ensures superior-quality, crystal clear sound. The speakers are rotatable 360-degree and are by no measure ordinary. Finally, the sound waves travel in every direction to extract a deeply immersive and cinematic audio experience.

In terms of connections, it can operate through Wi-Fi5, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth. The latter is a short-range wireless technology. This feature allows a TV to exchange data with a PC and other local devices. It also comes with built-in streaming apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Starzplay, OSN, Zee5, and video-streaming platforms such as YouTube. As specialities, the Samsung freestyle specs also include an IoT hub, Alexa built-in and Bixby for greater convenience. So, it comprises multiple voice assistants. Plus, it has the Tap View, Airplay 2 and a micro HDMI port.

Another valuable aspect included is Smart Calibration. In this, you can use the SmartThings app to optimise the viewing experience on Samsung, the freestyle projector. This can be done with a compatible mobile phone camera. Accordingly, you can adjust the brightness and colour settings. Furthermore, the Smart Calibration feature automatically analyses your environment, including the wall colour and lighting conditions. In doing so, it creates a stunning and vibrant picture.

The Freestyle Projector also offers the multi-room link feature, meaning that it can connect acoustics with devices and transmit audio files using the Wi-Fi connection. Also, several speakers in the house can get connected to a single network. The result is a holistic experience.

Lastly, when it comes to the battery life or longevity, Samsung, the freestyle projector, has a Light Source Life of up to 20000 hours.


Why is it called freestyle?
The freestyle portable projector is lightweight and has the dimensions of 4 in x 6.8 in x 3.7 in, denoting the width, height and depth, respectively. And this is with the stand. What’s more, it is compact and round-shaped and can get slipped into your backpack.

With this, you can enjoy entertainment on the go. The gadget has a ‘cradle design’, meaning it renders the perfect viewing angle from the wall to the ceiling. Place it and tilt it, and you can consume the content from anywhere. Whether it gets placed on the wall, the ceiling or a corner, all you have to do is point-and-play. Considering only 800 grams, it is easy to carry and set up anywhere.

According to Samsung, this one does not require a separate screen. What’s more, the gadget optimises the projection according to the wall colour. With this, the mandate of the white-coloured wall gets abolished. Another benefit is it can work without a continuous power source. So, you can stream their TV series and play games from anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Once the appropriate angle gets established, the freestyle portable projector does the rest. It automatically adjusts the image for the perfect picture through Auto-Levelling, Auto-Focus and the Auto Keystone features. And the best part? It does this within seconds. All you must do is sit back and enjoy. The ‘Freestyle’ aspect manages the setup. Even if the wall or surface is not perfect or ideal, this gadget shrinks down the image or moves it around until it is picture-perfect.

A peculiar aspect of the ‘freestyle’ phenomenon is that you can avail yourself of several accessories. You can choose among the socket adapters, battery bases, cases and skins.


Samsung the Freestyle Projector Price in UAE
The Samsung Freestyle Projector launch price for the 100-inch variant is AED 3499. Click here for the latest price at


Best Buying Options for Samsung the Freestyle Projector
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