Samsung’s The Frame TV

Samsung’s Frame TV lineup has once again generated attention. The Frame’s initial goal is accomplished by the most recent iteration of Samsung’s flagship lifestyle TV by enabling photographs and artwork to seem spectacular and truly at their best. Samsung’s The Frame TV 2022 is the perfect celebration of aesthetic style and new-gen technology.

Why should you buy Samsung’s “Frame” TV?
The Frame is a 4K QLED television that can display any kind of art on an innovative anti-glare display and has a replaceable, snap-on picture frame. Anyone who is bored staring at a large blank screen in the middle of their room will feel a genuine sense of relief when they use The Frame.

The Art mode is a key feature of The Frame TVs. You can use this to show off your own photos, a collection of already-loaded still images, or one of the 1,400+ digital artworks you can download from Samsung’s Art Store for $4.99/month. The TV’s Matte Display Film coating is quite good at blocking light to remove on-screen glare, which results in images and artwork showing a lot more detail of the texture of brushstrokes in oil paintings.

A sophisticated motion sensor that is activated automatically in Art Mode turns the TV on when it senses your presence in the room and turns it off when you leave. Beyond Art Mode, The Frame TVs are all LCD models with LED edge-backlighting, and according to Samsung, they use Quantum Dots to reach 100% colour volume.

The display on the Frame TV has a Refresh Rate of 120 Hertz and a Resolution of 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160). The Dual LED Quantum HDR & Certified HDR 10+ display with Mega Constant, Slim Fit Wall Mount, and 100% Colour Volume. There are 2 USB ports for connecting hard drives or other USB devices, 4 HDMI ports for connecting the set-top box, Blu-ray speakers, and a gaming console.

Additionally, it includes all smart TV features like voice assistants, PC mode, universal guide, auto game mode, game motion plus, super ultra-wide game view, screen mirroring, and supported apps like Prime Video, Netflix, Shahid VIP, etc. It has four powerful speakers with a 40 Watt output and features Dolby Digital Plus, surround sound, an active voice amplifier, Adaptive Sound+, and Q Symphony.


Samsung’s The Frame TV Size for Your Home
The Frame TV is available in a variety of sizes to transform your cosy rooms, huge living rooms, or to create your own mini theatre. The sizes are 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85 inches.


Samsung’s The Frame TV Price
There are a handful of options for the customized bezels. You can incorporate them as per your taste and decor. It’s simple to flip between colours and styles and discover the perfect look for your mood thanks to a magnetic application that is easy to use. The latest prices for The Frame 2022 TVs are listed below.

Click here for the latest prices on The Frame TV.

Which Accessories Can You Buy?
There are plenty of ways to customize your Frame TV and upgrade the usability with the add-on accessories.

Customizable frame
The bezels of your Frame TV can be customized to complement your style and decor. The best part is that there are various styles and colours to choose from.


Studio Stand
Those who are more towards the artistic side can go with the ultra-chic, portable Studio Stand that lets you transform any room on any day into a work of art.


One Invisible Connection
To hide the messy wires, Samsung has brought a translucent cable that looks sleeks and complements the overall look.


S Series Soundbar
The Frame TV can be paired with the S Series Soundbar that immerses you in clear tones and deep bass and sounds as beautiful as it looks.



Where to buy it in the UAE?
The Samsung Frame TV 2022 can get purchased from a Samsung authorized partner. Samsung Brand Stores in the UAE are run by Jacky’s Brand Shop. Customers can get an extended warranty and a gadget protection plan from Jacky’s. Finally, you can use our Click & Collect service to pick up your devices from one of our retail locations.

The Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Center, Burjuman Center, Khalidiya Mall, and City Center Al Zahia all have Samsung Brand Shops. We also have a retail location in the Curve Building on Sheikh Zayed Road where you may buy the products.